Support survivors in covering the costs to access safe abortions

FreeFrom is launching a cash assistance fund for survivors who need help in covering the costs to safely get an abortion. 

We cannot talk about economic safety and physical safety for survivors without reproductive justice. Survivors must have access to healthcare services and full control over their own bodies. 

This will be a nationwide fund that any survivor of gender-based violence can apply to in order to cover the full costs associated with getting an abortion out of state, such as transportation, lodging, etc. 

The first step is to raise money and we need your help.

Can you invest in this fund and share it with anyone else you think might be interested in doing the same? Anything you can give will go directly to survivors. FreeFrom does not keep a fee, and your donation is 100% tax deductible. 

Thank you for your commitment to survivors’ safety. We are so grateful to be in community with you.

The FreeFrom team