Advisory Board

Board of Advisors

Father Gregory Boyle
Homeboy Industries
Founder & Executive Director

Tia Katrina Taruc Canlas
The Alipato Project
Founder & Executive Director

Jeff Dion
National Crime Victims Bar Association
Executive Director

Margaret Drew
University of Massachusetts Law School
Associate Professor

Meg Garvin
National Crime Victim Law Institute
Executive Director

Ruth Glenn
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Executive Director

Lisalyn Jacobs
Legal Momentum
Policy Director

Nancy Lemon
Family Violence Appellate Project
Legal Director
UC Berkeley School of Law
Professor of Law

Rachel Lloyd
Girls Are Not For Sale
Founder & CEO

Joan Meier
Founder & Former Executive Director
George Washington University School of Law
Professor of Law

Angelo Rivera
Sanctuary for Families
Director, Economic Empowerment Program

Diana Saliceti
High Bridge Cold Brew
Founder & CEO

Lyn Schollett
New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Executive Director

Debby Tucker
National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence
Executive Director

Rob Valente
National Domestic Violence Hotline
Vice President of Policy