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NEW REPORT – Trust Survivors: Building an Effective and Inclusive Cash Assistance Program

March, 2021

In 2020, as a rapid response to COVID-19, we launched our Safety Fund and, to date, have given unrestricted cash grants to over 4,100 survivors from across the U.S.—representing every state, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

We are so excited to release our new report released in March 2021, Trust Survivors: Building an Effective and Inclusive Cash Assistance Program. In this report, we share what we learned from 1,000 survivors who received a Safety Fund grant in 2020 about how to build an effective and inclusive cash assistance program that will work for them. Overwhelmingly, survivors expressed that they need a program steeped in flexibility and trust.

NEW REPORT – Survivors Know Best: How to Disrupt Intimate Partner Violence During COVID-19 and Beyond 

August, 2020

In August, FreeFrom released this groundbreaking report documenting the financial wellbeing of survivors and the impact of COVID-19 on their finances.

We heard directly from 1300 survivors across 36 states and Puerto Rico about their financial health, the cost of experiencing abuse, what their needs are right now – including how much cash they need to stay safe – and how our society can best support them during this unprecedented time and beyond.