Our Strategy 1

This isn’t a handout or continued support. It’s the price an abuser must pay for their acts. It’s justice. And it’s what these survivors rightfully deserve.
— Sonya Passi, Founder, FreeFrom

We want every survivor to have the option to hold their abusers financially accountable in civil court. This form of justice is rarely pursued by survivors and as a result, abusers more often than not never have to pay for the consequences of their physical, emotional, and economic abuse.

FreeFrom’s goal is to pair survivors in every state with lawyers who can represent them in these civil suits. In addition, we equip lawyers with training, sample briefs, access to the latest social science research, and a network of expert witnesses so that they can provide the most effective legal representation possible in the most efficient way.

Winning compensation for the harm done to them not only offers survivors some justice, but it also helps to cover the costs of the violence done to them, e.g. moving expenses, healthcare bills and lost wages.