Headshot of Diana Ayala wearing a black long-sleeve blouse. Her arms pressed against her side and she faces the camera directly with a smile.

Diana Ayala

Director of Finance and Operations
She / Her / Hers

A native of Los Angeles, Diana has worked with and for grassroots and non-profit organizations since her teenage years. Over the last three decades, she has raised two daughters, graduated from the Chicano Studies program at the University of California, Los Angeles, held positions as financial and human resource officers, and served as the co-director of an agency that educated the community on trauma-informed care, parenting skills, and non-violent communication practices. She has also applied the knowledge gained over these years to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs plan and organize the financial aspects of their businesses.

An advocate for marginalized racial, ethnic, economic, and language communities, she uses her empathic and level-the-playing-field communication skills to make social justice accessible to these groups. Her warm smile and patience when talking with others has allowed her to serve as a bridge for others to a better understanding of the financial world, other cultures, or other individuals.