Headshot of Em Jackson leaning their back against a brick wall, wearing a blue sweater over a blue button up and gold rounded glasses. Their head is tilted slightly back as they smile wide and face the camera.

Em Jackson

Director of Peer Engagement and Support
They / Them / Theirs

Em is a queer, trans and non-binary person of color who thrives within social justice and human rights. They are a survivor of intimate partner violence and in deep support of survivor-centered outreach and programming that is inclusive of ALL survivors, including those who identify as trans and/or non-binary. Em received their Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and Master’s degree in Gerontology from Eastern Illinois University. Upon graduation, they were given the opportunity to work from the ground up within Chicago’s first LGBTQIA+ Affordable Senior Housing Complex, Town Hall Apartments. After relocating to California, their focus has continued to revolve around purpose driven work. Em’s journey has taken them from working with folks in the LGBTQIA+ community to working with youth, adults and families in personal and professional development, education, mental health, affordable housing and overall well-being. Em joined FreeFrom in 2019. Since joining FreeFrom, they have launched and currently run our Peer-to-Peer programming which seeks ways that we can work alongside survivors within their own communities. This includes our innovative Survivor Led Peer-to-Peer Financial Support Groups that focus on survivors pursuing financial freedom and building support systems amongst other survivors.