Help FreeFrom win $100,000 by making a donation before October 31st!

FreeFrom is incredibly grateful to be competing in the Allstate Foundation's Purple Purse campaign to win $100,000 this month.

With your help, FreeFrom came 2nd in last year's challenge. Your donations and the prize money we won helped FreeFrom open its doors, hire 5 staff members, and help survivors in more than 18 states gain economic justice and financial independence.

We are so excited to see what we can do with your help this year! 

Here are a few things we are working on:

  1. We are currently working with 30 survivors of domestic violence in 3 cities to build their own small businesses and achieve financial independence through self-employment. 100% of our clients make a profit in the first month of their businesses being operational. None of our clients have returned to their abuser. In 2018, we want to expand our program to serve 180 survivors in 5 cities;
  2. We are building an online self-help compensation tool to help survivors across the country win economic justice. Survivors will be able to learn what their compensation options are (e.g. small claims court, criminal restitution, victims of crime funding, civil suit) and how to pursue them in their state; and
  3. We are building a program to help survivors repair their credit through financial coaching, credit-building loans, and policy reform. 

Thank you for supporting our work and believing in our vision of a world in which everyone can afford to be safe. 



To make safety affordable for all survivors of domestic violence so that they can build lives free from violence for themselves and their children.

Without a way to rebuild financially, survivors typically won’t leave an abuser. If they do, they risk homelessness, losing custody of their children, or having to return to their abuser. Often, survivors will visit shelters several times but never actually be able to afford to leave for good or build safe lives for themselves and their children.

That’s where FreeFrom comes in. We’re looking past crisis intervention to violence prevention, by helping survivors achieve financial stability so that they can leave and never have to go back. This is how we will break the cycle of violence against women in the US.



Financially empower survivors by helping them to achieve economic justice and financial independence



Our Compensation Program helps survivors to win compensation for the harm they have suffered so that they are not indefinitely saddled with the debt of being abused. FreeFrom helps survivors to understand the avenues to compensation that might be open to them - tort litigation, small claims court, criminal restitution and/or victims of crime funding - and provides assistance and resources on how to navigate each of those processes. 

Our Credit Program helps survivors to build and repair their credit so that they can move forward with a strong financial profile. We provide credit-building support, access to credit-building lending circles and loans, and help repairing credit after identity fraud. We also advocate for public policy reforms to make it easier for survivors to build and repair their credit.

Our Entrepreneurship Program helps survivors to start and build their own small businesses. Through holistic support services, including business planning, customer acquisition and retention training, logo and web design, finance and accounting training, confidence building and leadership development, mentorship, and access to seed funding, we help survivors to take their ideas from concept to profitability


Our goal is not just survival but safety. 

Our goal is not just living but thriving. 

Our goal is not just making ends meet but creating wealth and abundance. 



This business, working for myself - is freedom to me so I have to do it.
— Survivor-Entrepreneur