New York Times cites FreeFrom’s work and most recent report

We’ve been working collectively with thousands of survivors across the country over the past year building a model for an effective and inclusive no-strings-attached cash assistance program for survivors. Following the release of our latest report last month entitled, “Trust Survivors: Building an Effective and Inclusive Cash Assistance Program,” our work has been cited in a New York Times article about Biden’s COVID-19 Aid Package and its focus on survivors of intimate partner violence.

The New York Times said:

“Some organizations that support abuse survivors, like FreeFrom, prefer that relief money go directly to those who have been abused, giving them the flexibility to cover expenses that can restore their independence, like day care, transportation or health care. They hope Mr. Biden will eventually fulfill his campaign pledge to allocate $5 billion in such cash grants to survivors in need.”

We’re so excited to see our collective work being highlighted and the data and stories from survivors being centered in this conversation.