NEW RESOURCE: Learn how your state scores for survivor financial security

We are so thrilled to announce the launch of our National Survivor Financial Security Policy Map and Scorecard.

Over the past year, we researched the policies of all 50 states and DC and identified 13 different policy categories that are most directly linked to a survivor’s ability to build and maintain financial security.

We evaluated and scored each state based on whether and to what extent its policies are supportive of survivors’ financial security. Each state was given an overall score based on how well (or poorly) they did across each policy category.

We found that only 2 states are survivor financial security friendly, while 38 states have not prioritized survivor financial security in their state policies.

This map and scorecard is both a resource and a roadmap for action. For each state, the scorecard outlines the existing policies impacting a survivor’s ability to build and maintain financial security and provides state-specific policy recommendations that will ensure that all survivors have access to the financial resources and support their need to thrive. 

Our map and scorecard is perfect for:

  • Folks who want to learn more about the laws in their state and how they compare to others across the U.S.
  • Folks who want to take action and advocate for better and more supportive policies for survivors in their state.
  • Elected officials and those working in legislative offices.
  • Survivors who are interested in learning more about, and getting engaged in, the policy-making process in their state.

We are confident this resource will urge more states to reevaluate their current responses to intimate partner violence and begin to prioritize policy solutions that center survivors’ long-term financial security. Join us for our upcoming webinars to learn more (see below).

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Policy Map and Scorecard or are interested in partnering with us on state-level policy work, please contact Sabrina Hamm, Policy and Advocacy Specialist (

May 27th at 1pm PST

Learn more about FreeFrom’s National Survivor Financial Security Policy Map and Scorecard 

Who should attend? Folks working in policy advocacy across all movements and government officials at all levels, as well as folks working in the intimate partner violence movement.

June 16th at 1pm PST

Building collective power through policy change

Join us for a walkthrough of FreeFrom’s National Survivor Financial Security Policy Map and Scorecard and discussion on how you as a survivor can leverage this tool to engage in policy change and advocacy work on behalf of yourself and other survivors in your state. 

Who should attend? Survivors interested in learning about how to get involved in policy change and advocacy work that will impact survivors in their state.