We’re hiring for 3 new positions – know someone who should join our team?

Want to join our team or know someone who should? FreeFrom is a team of survivors, and we each bring our unique personal experiences to the work we do. We are a proudly queer, feminist, and people of color-led organization.

We intentionally cultivate a spirit of creativity and experimentation in our work, understanding that we must be willing to try new approaches and apply new frameworks in order to solve a systemic problem like IPV. 

On a typical FreeFrom work day, you can find us: sharing our wins, challenges, and ideas for innovation; wearing stuffed animal slippers; talking astrology, art, literature, movies, healing, new research, and feel-good things; taking breaks to hang out with the kids in our learning pod (the kids of staff who are currently doing e-learning from the office with a trained professional); sharing memes and ways to prioritize self-care on our group chat; testing tech, client products, and theories; and collaborating on exciting projects.

We also offer great benefits and perks: 

  • Fully covered health, dental and vision insurance;
  • 401k with a 5% match;
  • Unlimited paid vacation plus a vacation stipend;
  • Gender-based violence paid and protected leave;
  • Unlimited menstrual leave for people with uteruses;
  • An annual tech stipend;
  • A personal and professional growth stipend; and
  • A stipend to help you build wealth.

Open positions: