FreeFrom is awarded $4MM from the Equality Can’t Wait Challenge

Photo of two people and a baby sitting on a stage. On top of the photo there is text: "#EqualityCantWait" and "$4,000,000." The FreeFrom logo is at the bottom in white.

We’re so excited and grateful to announce that FreeFrom was awarded $4MM from the Equality Can’t Wait Challenge. Out of 550 applicants, FreeFrom was selected as one of ten finalists doing ground-breaking work to promote gender equity in the U.S. 

The award, funded by Pivotal Ventures, MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett, and Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies, gives us the freedom to be bold and visionary and the support to invest in structural change so that every pillar of our society is actively working to support survivors and their long-term safety. 

Imagine a world in which banks help survivors keep their money safe from harm-doers through secure bank accounts with enhanced fraud protections. Or one in which a survivor could contact their health insurance company to get their premiums waived when seeking medical attention for their injuries. What if survivors could reach out to their employer and take paid leave in order to relocate, without worrying about whether they had enough accrued sick days? Or if their place of worship offered free financial safety planning resources? This is the world our FreeFrom community is building. 

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists. We’re so honored to be in community with you.